7 Stunning Makeup Tricks When You Are Running Out of Time


When it comes to makeup, your areas surrounding your eyes are no exception. Eye-makeup could flash up things such as mascara, liner, shadow, contour, and highlighter on your mind but that’s not what we are talking about. Well, Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of your entire face which you definitely wish to make look slaying and attractive. You might have tried hard to define your eyes to the best but still, you gotta be missing something and that something could be figured out with the following simple eye-makeup tricks. Check them out!

PICK TWO MASCARAS: You always handle that one mascara to define your lashes but why don’t you define it by using two? Well, you could use one for thickening and another for lengthening. Now, use the brush to draw thicken the base of your lashes which would thus offer the full look. Next, apply the lengthening mascara from the middle to the tips thereby adding a little extra to the outer lashes.

USE CONCEALER TO MAKE YOUR EYELIDS EVENLY: When your eyelids are reddish or veiny, all you have to do is to apply your concealer to even your complexion and go for eyeshadow techniques.

MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK BIGGER WHILE CURLING THE EYELASHES: You could make your eyes look larger by using a lash curler right before applying mascara as it would show up the perfect large eyes.

SELECT THE PERFECT EYELINER FOR YOUR EYE COLOUR: Since black eyeliner is one of the classic choices of all, you could still go for other colors if you wish but you have to make sure it suits your eye color. Perhaps, you could also ensure to choose a colorful mascara that suits you.

SLATHER POWDER BETWEEN THE COATS OF MASCARA: When you are done with the first coat of mascara, you could simply add a little powder over your lashes and then go for your second coating. This is because the powder would give extra length thereby adding to your lashes.

REMOVE THE SMUDGES WITH THE LINER BRUSH: This is one of the clumsy parts of eye makeup that all of you might have come across. Smudging occurs even if you are cautiously applying your mascara or liner and you would be frowned by starting it over again. But here is one trick to handle this smudging thing which is to get rid of it by soaking a small eyeliner brush in micellar water and take it away keenly.

AVERT FALLOUT WITH THE HELP OF TAPES: Your eye makeup is not done when you are not done with the perfect eyeshadow application. When you apply eyeshadow, it would not stand up there on the lids alone but create collapse things under your eyes. In order to prevent this condition, you could simply place a small piece of tape and take it out when you are done with your eye makeup. This could keep away fallout from occurring.

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