Beautiful Neckpieces for Different Churidhar Neck Designs

For women, traditional clothing is an essential option for special occasions as well as everyday wear. Though the world may be modern, ethnic and traditional clothing still holds a significant place in the wardrobes of all Indian women. It is flattering on women of all body types, skin tones, ages, and personalities. However, the designs of churidars have also changed due to changes in fashion trends. Consequently, in this post, let’s explore a few of the best churidar neck designs as well as the best neckpieces for each of those designs.

Best churidar neck designs and neckpieces:
Sweetheart Neck Design

Sweetheart neck design is a lovely design to actually attempt for your churidar stitching. It is simple to wear and typically has a neckline with three-quarter or full sleeves. Overall, the churidar neck design is stunning because it features two arch shapes on either side of the neck. You need to be a little bit careful when pairing your jewellery with this neckline because it is possibly the most striking of all of them. A sweetheart neckline shouldn’t be over-accessorised because it might not always look good. In addition to a choker with a drop that snugly accentuates the neckline, a princess-length necklace also looks good with this neck design.

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Strapless Neckline

Want to wear a churidar in a stylish way? A churidar neck with an open neckline is the best option. With no straps and an exposed shoulder, the dress has an open-shoulder design. This style combines modern and ethnic elements. Avoid this kind of neck design if you have broad shoulders because it might not look good on you. With a strapless neckline, almost any type of necklace looks good, but statement pieces work best because the neckline would otherwise look rather plain. Due to the amount of skin that is exposed, a strapless design can draw a great deal of attention to a larger chest. Exotic neckpieces, particularly those with drop or layered designs, look great with chokers as well.

Scoop Neckline

Women with a small bust line and a narrow shoulder will look great in a scoop neck. When using fabrics like chiffon and georgette, scoop necks—which are typically deep U-neck designs—will look good. Your churidar’s back neck design can have a second U neck to give it an elegant appearance. This is a popular neckline, particularly for Indian wedding attire. In order to mimic the neckline, choose chokers that have a curved end as opposed to a straight one. Additionally attractive are striking necklaces with a single thick strand or several strands. Just keep in mind that there should be a curve at the end.

V-Neck Design

V-neck patterns are frequently used in churidars to create a royal appearance. The neck is designed with patterns that are similar on both sides to grant the heavy designer work an elegant appearance. Full sleeves will look appropriate for this neckline to give it a more regal appearance. Creating the appearance of a longer neck with this neckpiece involves repeating the neckline and highlighting the v-neck. You can wear a long or short necklace, but make sure it doesn’t stop at your neck. It would look good to stop it 2 inches above the neckline, though going much lower also works.

High Neckline

Churidars can also have high necklines, though they are more common on blouses than on this type of clothing. Going for a high neckline can be the best choice if you want to give your standard churidar look a cultural and royal vibe. If the collar or neck is ornamented, you shouldn’t wear any neckpieces with this style of churidar neckline. If it isn’t, choose only a long necklace; it can be a simple chain necklace or one with a pendant at the bottom; anything else won’t look as good.

How do you style your churidar necklines with beautiful neckpieces? Let us know!

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