Simple Techniques to Control Hair Fall in Teenage: Girls & Boys

That really hits hard when you lose lots of strands of your hair as a teenager, doesn’t it? Well, every day it would get you more worried by thinking about the future of your hair and how the health of your hair would be when you enter the adult phase of your life. Hair loss could be caused due to several factors such as the harshness of pollution and chemicals of the products you use and even stress or hormonal changes as well. While the reasons for hair fall could be going on, it could be treated by simple methods especially when you are in your teenage. So, check out the following easy techniques to control hair fall in the teenage for both boys and girls.


Your body, skin, and hair need to be hydrated and so drinking water only when you are thirsty is not enough. Since water is the ultimate source that helps your body to be healthy in the first place. If only your body is hydrated, it would reduce the risk of several health conditions which you might not be aware of. Drinking enough water could help your hair cells to grow and thrive properly. Make sure to avoid other drinks such as sodas or coffee or tea often lead to dehydration and in turn collapse blood circulation. The circulation of blood is essential as it works on the follicles of your hair thereby helping in hair growth.

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When you exercise or work out regularly, it could be helpful for your body’s health and even avert poor hair loss. Not only exercise but also get involved in sports which would be great in relieving your stress. Exercising as a teenager could turn out to be a habit thereby maintaining healthy blood circulation.


Well, it is really tough for each teenager to eat healthy as it is they need not worry about their health. But they wish to keep a period for their hair to fall naturally. In order to curb or prevent the loss of hair, you as a teen should definitely need to follow a balanced diet. If only you fill your plate with healthy foods, you could have enough strength to combat the annoying hair loss. So, it would be wise to add nutrient-rich foods such as green veggies, dry fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, and others. Especially mineral-rich foods would help improve the blood circulation on the scalp. So, when your scalp is healthy and happy, you could get happy and healthy strands of hair.


If you choose to give a massage to your scalp on regular basis, it would then enhance the blood flow to the head. So, all you have to do is to warm up the oil slightly and use it to massage your scalp and head. It would make the roots of your stronger as well. So, give a massage in a circular motion for about 10 minutes every day to eliminate hair loss and get a healthy mane.


As a teenage guy, you would love to binge on junk food. Well, it’s hard to take it away from your menu but it is worth doing to turn healthy. You could experience a healthy appearance of your hair and skin internally as well.

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