5 Beautiful Indian Places that are Perfect October-visit

Well, October is the month when the joyful breeze begins to touch your cheeks. It is the month of autumn when the beautiful times of the year begin. The time to explore the places of the country along with colourful festivities and with a tiny hint of the upcoming star-induced snowfall of winter. So below is the list of the places to set your soul on fire. Here are the beautiful Indian places that are perfect October-visit.


Snow-capped peaks, gushing waters, dreamy energy, and varied culture will captivate your heart. Almost it is everyone’s must-visit place that is placed on their bucket list. You can enjoy Shikara riding, the stay at Houseboat in Dal Lake or Manasbal Lake. How about sleeping amidst the serene water-filled ambience? It will be the best part of your life to be cherished. Here you can also have an eye-feast by witnessing the tourist attractions like Maharani temple, Strawberry valley, and Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

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Popularly known for its ecotourism, Bir Billing is a tiny valley in the Kangra district. A place for people who are fond of nature, trekking and adventures. You can enjoy visiting the Tibetan monasteries and experiencing the paragliding peaks. Dip your soul in the scenic pool of tranquil beauty while riding at Toy Train.


Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is an ideal place for a relaxing weekend. You could explore the Pandava cave, sightseeing at Dhoopgarh which is the highest point of the Satpura Range. Just have a religious exploration of temples with breathtaking views and feel the calmness at its peak in the hills, and falls and spend time watching the animals at Satpura National Park.


Located in Tamil Nadu, Vellore is a place that has been hidden with historical ambiences. It has been inhabited by different historical monuments, religious sites, informative places, and hill stations as well. The most important attraction of the city is the 16th-century fort which is said to be the heart of the city. You can also trip to Yelagiri over here and Amirthi zoological park. To gain some knowledge about astronomy, you can visit the Vainu Bappu observatory. Yet another place you should never miss visiting is the Sri Lakshmi Golden temple over here. This is said to be an example of awe-inspiring modern architecture.


Referred to as the “Scotland of the East”, the city is known as a romantic city that attracts a number of tourists. It has been inhabited with multiple falls to soak your soul and has an eye-catchy view of the lush green environment. Shillong is also famous for churches and other natural wonders such as lakes and peaks. Shillong Peak is the highest point of the place compared to other peaks such as Sohpetbneg Peak, Dumpeep Peak, and Dingei hill. Soul soothing tourist destination located in the northeast of India, Shillong is the perfect place to be visited in October.

It’s October already, you can plan your trip now to these vigorous places of India.

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