The Secret About Platform Heels

Women, in general, would love to wear heels. Although some women are not into heels, the
thought of wearing heels passes their minds at least once. Stilettos could captivate with the
shimmering designs. However, the stilettos and high-heels could keep up your attitude and
confidence. Are you not going to ignore the hurting part of wearing heels for long hours?
Well, standing and dancing in stilettos and high-pointed heels might hurt the sole of your
feet. So, platform heels come for your rescue. The invention of platform heels is to be the
best of your companion when step out of your home. So, we are digging the secret about
platform heels and their benefits for you, ladies! Keep up the secrets!


Right from Zara to H&M, Platform heels exhibit in various designs – plain and printed,
sandals and boots. Most women would not go for the scintillating platform heels but pick
stilettos as they are perfect partywear. The existence of platform heels is well-known and
several brands display uncountable designs for your choice. So, how about picking a pair for
your feet?

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When it comes to platform heels, you could dance effortlessly. But with stilettos and high-
pointed heels, you might be watching others dance or stand as an audience due to the aching
it imbues. So, move your body as your feet wish to move in a direction. Raise your chin with
the comfy platform heels!


Platform heels are invented initially to prevent your feet from getting wet when the pathways
are flooded with rainwater. Almost every woman faced this obstacle while walking with
sandals or high heels on the pavements flooded during rainy days. The water would get into
the surface of the sandals thereby making it hard to walk and slip. Neither the sandals nor
high-pointed heels could provide the grip as much as the platform heels. It thus becomes
fashionable later.


When it comes to high-pointed heels or stilettos, you might feel the hurt and ache while
walking for a few minutes. You might slip as the sharp-pointed heels could not offer the
balance you need. Plus, if you are a beginner, you would suffer wearing them. So, the better
and healthy option would be platform heels. The flat surface of the platform heels would
offer grip and balance while you walk. Not to mention, they are beginner-friendly.


Be it chunky platform heels or platform wedges, they became fashionable in this 21st
century. With multiple colours and shimmering designs, platform heels are extremely a
trendy choice. Platform heels could accompany you from office to party. So, it is not just a
secret but the secrets they hold.

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