Anandeshwar Dwivedi Reflects on Scene That Defined His Journey in Amazon miniTV’s The Adventures Of Lleo

The Adventures Of Lleo is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free within the Amazon Shopping App, on Fire TV, and Play Store.

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, popular comedy series, ‘Adventures Of Lleo’ is being appreciated for its humorous tone, and engaging storyline. A character spin-off of Permanent Roommates, the series features Anandeshwar Dwivedi as the quirky Lleo. The series follows his exciting and joyful adventure laced with twists and amazing survival skills.

Diving deep into the nitty-gritty of the shoot, Anandeshwar shared the scene he found most difficult to shoot, “The scene with the small children at the flyover was a little difficult for me. Lleo sometimes gets mean to the children and I love kids and spending time with them. It was difficult for me to stay in character since they were so pure and innocent. The kids were quite professional and understood the scene and what needed to be done.” Adding to this, he further shared the most relatable scene from the series. “In the scene in the hospital, where Lleo goes and attempts to calm the situation and the people in various ways so that the personnel may perform their jobs. It seemed relatable to me because I had already experienced something similar in my personal life,” he said.

Sharing his takeaway from the series, he revealed, “One thing that I learned is that no matter how strange your world is, if the jokes are landing right and the moments are relatable and interesting to people, then they will buy it.”

Elevate your mood by experiencing Lleo’s exhilarating and joyful journey, taking on a humorous challenge every other second. The Adventures of Lleo is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.

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