Global Family Day: Jan 1st 2024

Global Family Day, which is observed every January 1, kicks off the new year by spreading a message of peace and harmony.

Global Family Day, which is observed every January 1, kicks off the new year by spreading a message of peace and harmony. We are all one, like it or not! While there may be differences in the cultures and faiths of different countries, in reality, mankind as a whole is a big family that is able to thrive and exist if it works together. And sure, it is possible to accomplish this aim; all that is needed is the propagation of the word of peace and harmony. The annual celebration of Global Family Day, commonly known as World Peace Day, aims to spread the idea of peace and unity throughout the globe.

Additionally, it highlights the notion that everyone on the planet is related to one another regardless of nationality, boundaries, or ethnicity. The International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1997, with effect from the beginning of the new millennium. A significant contributor to its promotion in the United States was Linda Grover, and other initiatives included the publication of publications like “One Day in Peace – January 1, 2000.” The idea taken forward is that only love and no war was the central theme of this work.

But this was only the start of a fresh peaceful world, and in 1999, most U.N. member states were officially invited to spend the very first day of that year developing peacebuilding plans. Because of the positive influence of the day, the United Nations named Global Family Day an annual event in 2001.

Reasons to celebrate Global Family Day:
It strives to eliminate discrimination

The importance of Global Family Day can be summed up by the fact that it emphasises the unity of all cultures, religions, and nations. We teach the next generation a lesson of peace by commemorating it annually.

It could prevent the occurrence of World War III

By hammering home the message of harmony to the kids, we are producing leaders who will resist war and, in turn, guarantee that the mistakes made in the past are not ever replicated.

It serves as a reminder that we are all connected

Regardless of where we live on the globe, the truth is that we are all just people with hearts that are overflowing with love. Events like Global Family Day serve as a reminder of how interconnected we all are, despite the political divides that have been formed.

Some things to know about war and peace:

● Global spending on weapons totals $1.8 trillion a year; the U.N. peacekeeping system has a price tag of $50 billion.
● Martin Luther King, like Mahatma Gandhi, was a historic figure known for advocating for individual rights through nonviolent demonstrations.
● Iceland is the globe’s most peaceful nation, according to the results of the 2020 Global Peaceful Index.
● To promote peace for a brighter future, there are thousands of groups operating around the globe.

How to celebrate Global Family Day:

Plan an educational presentation for your neighbourhood: Ask smart academics to participate in an hour-long seminar on the value of peace. The webinar should include a discussion of approaches that might be used to persuade the next generations to support peacebuilding.

Research peacebuilding: Visit the library or the internet to learn more about peacebuilding, or watch a documentary or movie about it. You will be able to rapidly catch up on all the essential details because of the facilities we have today.

Make a petition to put an end to wars and conflicts: This will be quite simple because all you will need is the web to launch a petition. What you must do is as follows: Choose an ongoing war, research it, expose the crimes being committed, and then invite individuals to support the cause. A significant number of signatures on a petition can genuinely persuade major peace-building organisations to take action.

With the resources and knowledge (as well as the will), we can achieve so many things together. So all you really need to do this Global Family Day is to realise that we need to work together for a better future and a better planet.

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