6 Most Unbelievable Ways You Can Use The Rain Water This Monsoon


Rainwater collecting is one of the best ways to credit yourself. You just have to collect rainwater from the roof or other surfaces and channels it into containers for storage. However, rainwater could contain microorganisms, pollutants, and debris when it comes to your roof. This is the major reason why the systems for rainwater contain filtration inside your home and even other safety treatments as well. If you have an outdoor rainwater collection system, then you do not need to have much treatment as the water is actually used outside. You could use old garbage can or any unused containers for collecting the rainwater. But if you wish for a larger system, then you could install a rainwater cistern. Well, there are several ways to collect rainwater as well as there are various ways to use the collected rainwater. Check out the following uses of rainwater.

USEFUL FOR COMPOSTING: The proper decomposition process needs water as an important thing. You just have to ensure that you water your compost with the rest of the garden as well. Even harvested rainwater could be helpful for compost tea which could be surprising to know.

USEFUL FOR RINSING VEGGIES: You could use rainwater for rinsing veggies from your garden and you have to wash particularly the rooted veggies. All you have to do is to fill a large bucket with rainwater and add some carrots, potatoes, beets and other veggies which are hard and remove the soil that is clogging to it.

USEFUL FOR WASHING VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT: Untreated rainwater is also helpful in washing outdoor items such as cars, garden tools, lawnmowers, tractors, and even the driveway. Even helpful in washing the sides of your house as well.

WATERING THE GARDENS: Naturally, rainwater hits the ground to water the plants and so your collected rainwater could be used for indoor and outdoor gardens. Another wise idea is that you could attach any rainwater storage tanks directly to an automatic irrigation system as well. Also, try to rain-garden at the ends of your eavestroughs to get excessive runoff naturally.

USEFUL FOR DRINKING AND COOKING: You might think that rainwater could not be good for consumption but it could be actually a high-quality water for human consumption. The raindrops you get directly from the sky is highly pure and does not have any chlorine or other chemicals that are used to sanitize city tap water. You have to worry only when you collect rainwater from the roofs or other dirty surfaces. But you could make rainwater highly safe to drink thereby installing a filtration system, boiling or distilling the water. Even some systems could be directly collect clean rainwater which could be useful for drinking and cooking.

USEFUL FOR WILDLIFE: The collected rainwater could be recycled and used for birdbaths, troughs, and other purposes as well. You could even store in containers and leave it for wildlife to visit. You could provide and serve rainwater for pets or livestock as it is safe to drink or take a wash in when you collect clean rainwater directly.

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