Diet-friendly Indian Desserts to Binge

The non-stop craving for sweets is a never-ending story. Of course, none would like to keep the period for this sweet story. Every time you finish your meal, your eyes hunt for the desserts to have heavenly satiation. When it comes to diet-friendly desserts, you might be coming up with certain things. But we are here with diet-friendly Indian desserts to binge. You could binge the desserts lined up without any guilt. These desserts would be low in calories and healthy alternatives for unhealthy munch. So, let’s check out the diet-friendly Indian desserts to binge. Read on. . .


When life gives you apples, make scrumptious halwa. It is the best alternative for calorie-loaded sweets. As the preparation of apple halwa does not require milk or cream, it is the perfect diet-friendly dessert you could ask for. All you have to do is to chop apples into pieces and add them to the heated pan. Add ghee and saute the apples until you get the desired consistency.

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Coconut is one of the staple ingredients in your pantry. Firstly, coconut contains a low Glycemic index and high fibre content. Similarly, nuts are low in GI and rich in proteins. Try preparing this toothsome nutrient-rich Indian dessert to relish the true taste. The two main ingredients are also a great source of manganese, copper, selenium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc. This would infuse the festive vibe from nowhere.


Yet another halwa dessert that comes in low-calorie content, is Moong dal halwa. The consumption of moong dal regularly would provide the necessary nutrients for your body. This is also a weight-loss-friendly dessert to have a bite after your meal. It could be eaten in a burfi form.


The art of preparing payasam does not make you tedious. The perfect Indian dessert for those watching their waist. All you have to do is to use broken wheat, apple pieces, milk and jaggery. With the onset of New Year, the innovation you add to your food might give the best touch. Payasam, thus, made to be the right choice of post-meal dessert.


How could you leave the real happiness of having a luscious ladoo? We have a healthy suggestion for you – Sesame ladoo or Til ladoo. When blended with jaggery, sesame throws the lip-smacking gluten-free Indian dessert. Why not try this? Well, the sweet sesame balls are not only diet-friendly but also helps regulate menstruation in women.

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