Never-known Health Benefits of Ven Pongal: Classic Food

The heavenly combo of Ven Pongal, sambar, vada and coconut chutney is beyond delish. Otherwise known as the comfort food, Ven Pongal is the most-loved food. As the Pongal festival is fast approaching, this is the apparent time to write about the classical food, Ven Pongal. The name “Pongal” means “To Boil” in Tamil and it is the name of the festival. The festival is the celebration of thanking God for the healthy harvest. While Tamil Nadu has it as Pongal, the other states celebrate it as Makar Sankranti. However, Ven Pongal is also known to be a desi staple food in Tamil Nadu.

Originated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, Pongal is prepared from rice and lentils. It is the most iconic food of South due to its rich ingredients, loaded nutrients and finger-licking taste. As the traditional food of the south, Pongal is served in two ways – Sweet or Chakkara Pongal and Spicy or Ven Pongal. The former is prepared with rice and jaggery and the latter with rice, pepper and chilli. Not to mention, the addition of desi ghee to both the dishes proffers true delectableness. As we are here to talk about the never-known health benefits of Ven Pongal, let’s just focus on it. The blend of rice, spices, pepper, moong dal, cashews, chillies and salt make up the protein-rich Ven Pongal. Continue reading to know the never-known health benefits of Ven Pongal, the classical food.


The presence of rich dietary fibre in classical food helps your body function better. It keeps your tummy full for a longer period thereby curbing your unwanted cravings. Moreover, it gets rid of constipation along with a healthy digestive process and prevents bowel issues as well. The ingredients including pepper and ginger are also helpful in preventing constipation and enhancing digestion. So, Ven Pongal can never be ditched but it can be binged.

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All you have to do is to erase the fear of cholesterol. If you are worried about the cholesterol level of ven Pongal, then you should have to get over it. This is because the iconic food has no cholesterol but is loaded with healthy fats.


The staple South Indian breakfast recipe has two main ingredients such as pepper and ginger. It is well-known that ginger works well when it comes to controlling nausea. Similarly, pepper joins the anti-nausea spices team to oppress the nauseating feel and makes you feel better instantly.


When you look into the ingredients of the classical food, Ven Pongal, they (moong dal, spices, ghee and rice) are loaded in nutrients. When it comes to nutrients, they are a great source of antioxidants. The active antioxidant foods provide a strong immune system and in turn, prevents common cold and cough. It helps in combating infection as well.


Aforementioned, the traditional food of the south comes with a rich source of nutrients. It includes proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary fibre, and chlorophyll. So, the next time, your mom prepares the delish Ven Pongal, it is good to not ditch an iconic food.

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