Recipe Story: Walnut Cookie Sandwich & Walnut Tart

Walnut Cookie sandwich & Walnut Tart recipe by Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra & Aruna Vijay

Recipe 1
Walnut Cookie Sandwich (By Chef Ajay Chopra)

192 grams Refined Flour

1 tbsp ground Espresso Coffee

100 grams of Chilean Walnuts

75 – 100 grams dry Figs (finely chopped)

130 grams unsalted Butter

150 gms Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

For Chocolate Ganache:

120 grams Cream

130 grams Dark chocolate


In a bowl, add unsalted butter and sugar. Whisk it until the sugar melts.

Next, add espresso coffee and vanilla essence, then mix them.

Add chopped dried figs and chopped walnuts, folding them into the mixture.

Now, incorporate refined flour and mix it using the cut and fold method.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Line a baking tray with butter paper.

Scoop out portions of the dough, each weighing 30-40 grams, and shape them into thick cookies.

Place the cookies on the baking tray and bake them for 10-12 minutes.

While the cookies are baking, melt chocolate using a double boiler, and then add cream to it to create the chocolate ganache.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, pipe the chocolate ganache in between them.

Your Walnut & Fig Cookie Sandwiches are ready to be enjoyed.

Recipe 2-
Walnut Tart (BY Chef Aruna Vijay)

Chilean walnuts – 1 cup

Deseeded dates – 1/2 cup

Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp

Pinch of salt


Grind all the ingredients to form a coarse texture.

Set this in a greased tart mould and chill for an hour

Orange shrikand-


Hung curd – 2 cups

Orange zest – 2 tbsp

Powdered sugar – 3/4 cup

Orange juice – 1/4 cup

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp


Mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth consistency.

To assemble –

1. In the chilled tart, spread the shrikhand and let this set for couple of hours or overnight.

2. Garnish with some orange segments and Saffron & walnuts.

About Chef Aruna Vijay

Aruna Vijay, who is known for her delicious delicacies rose to fame with her participation in India’s culinary reality show ‘MasterChef’ 7. Her journey has been a roller coaster on the show, being one of the strongest contestants, she has faced severe trolling on social media by the fans of the other contestants. But unbothered and invincible Aruna has always been in bring it-on mode and that made her audience favourite.

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