What Happens When You Add Curd to Your Diet?

What happens when you add curd to your diet daily? One of India’s essential households is curd or dahi which has several health benefits associated with it. However, most people like to have it in the form of raita right after finishing the delectable lunch or even in the form of dahi chawal. When summer comes, the curd is the foremost thing that is more soothing to your body. Undeniably, the curd is one of the healthiest probiotics and also contains a rich source of calcium. As it is made of milk and other vitamins and minerals, the curd is great for your health. You could have even asked to consume curd regularly by our elders and it is a mandatory thing in Indian cuisine. But you might know the real reason why curd is served every day right after your meals. We put forth what happens when you add curd to your daily diet here. Continue reading. . .


When you have curd regularly, it would help increase your immunity. Several studies exhibited in Vienna and Austria explained that curd has been incorporated with disease and germ-fighting cultures which act as an antidote for the body, preventing illness related to your gut, and intestinal tract, and help in building up your immunity to battle diseases. Completely healthy, isn’t it?

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Could you not believe it curd stabilizes blood pressure? Well, both curd and yoghurt would be helpful in controlling blood pressure. The curd is rich in cholesterol-fighting minerals such as potassium and magnesium which helps in purifying the blood flow, maintaining the pressure, and alleviating the bad cholesterol from the body. Howbeit, the calcium content in curd could be useful in strengthening the heart valves and muscles and thereby functioning smoothly.


Curd is a highly essential probiotic which nourishes your body by providing good gut health, and healthy digestion averts the problems of diarrhoea, and also other imbalances when you have it regularly. It is also helpful to maintain your weight issues.


Ladies! Curd helps lower vaginal infection. This is because curd has good bacteria in its culture. Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria is actually helpful in controlling yeast formation and thus averts and battles yeast infections in the vagina. When you consume it regularly, curd could help maintain the pH level in the body and regulates good vaginal health.


You might have known that milk is excellent in strengthening your bone. However, the curd is not less than the milk as it comes from rich milk. Consuming a bowl of curd regularly could treat your body to get maximum nutrition and extract the minerals which are needed for building a healthy body. The presence of curd could help strengthen your muscles, and bones and increases their density when you are ageing. So, have a bowl of curd every day.


This busy world makes you lead a stressful life. But with a bowl of curd, you could shoo away your stress and anxiety as it reduces the stress hormones in the body. As curd promotes the production of cortisol (stress hormone in the body), it could alleviate the toxins and retains your healthy body. If the stress and anxiety hormones are perfectly managed, then keeps your body healthy.

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