How to Nail Your Look with saree and glasses?

Looking around for your contact lenses every time you’re wearing a saree so you can quickly put them in before anyone sees you? The idea that women can’t wear glasses or spectacles with their formal or casual sarees to look good is one you hear all the time, right? Throw it away, because we’re going to prove it all wrong in this post.

Although it may seem strange to wear glasses with a saree, they are actually one of the best accessories to go with your six yards look. Just ask Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan, and Kiran Rao. They always look gorgeous even when they are wearing glasses. There are many good tips to master the ideal spectacle look, whether you’re wearing glasses because they’re prescribed or just for fashion. And we’re going to let you know all about them in this post so keep reading!

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How to nail your look with a saree and glasses?

● Rimless frames don’t look as good with saris as ones that are darker or thicker. This is just our personal opinion based on what we’ve seen as spectacle wearers, but we do believe that saris look much better when worn with eyeglasses in the colours black, brown, tortoise shell, wine red, dark blue, and dark grey. It’s entirely up to you, though, if you feel more at ease wearing rimless glasses or frames with very light colours.
● Select a pair of eyeglasses that you genuinely like and that complements your face. While some of the salesperson’s suggestions are acceptable, choose the piece that you prefer the most in the end. Because if you don’t like it much right away, you won’t wear it when you get it home.
● Spectacles have a tendency to distort the size of your eyes, especially if you have short sight. So be captivating with your eye makeup. Line your eyes in a deep black, add more mascara, and draw some kohl along your waterline.
● To avoid clashing with any printed saree you wear, try and ensure your glasses are a solid colour with no prints or designs. However, if you want to look different and young, pick a colour for your spectacles that contrasts with the colour of your saree. Simply choose a strong, sophisticated black if colours aren’t your thing and you prefer to play it safe. It will look great with whatever you pair it with.

Style tips to look good with glasses (generally):

● Make a statement with your lipstick by slathering on lots of red, pink, or coral, depending on your preference. A bright lip colour also prevents the overall appearance from appearing “lazy” by counteracting a heavy frame. Even if you don’t often wear lipstick, a basic nude gloss will still do.
● Reduce the size of any additional accessories, such as your floppy hat, which already covers most of your face, or flashy hair ornaments, which can make an outfit appear a little crowded. Stick to hats with smaller brims that sit away from your face and stylish hair accessories to keep hair out of the way. This applies to both eyeglasses and sunglasses.
● Keep your earrings small, but don’t forego them entirely. The competition between your frames and anything long, dangly, or statement-making will overwhelm your face. Instead, stick to smaller accessories that will add a subtle touch of polish without drawing attention to themselves. You want people to perceive your glasses as a stylish accessory rather than a slip-up from when you just got out of bed. Sparkly little studs will also help delicately assemble everything.
● Match the metals in your jewellery to the colour of your glasses: Normally, everyone enjoys a good fashion mismatch, but when wearing glasses, colour harmony should be taken into account. (Because, as you are aware, your face is involved.) For instance, wear gold jewellery with your brown or tortoise-shell eyeglasses. Whenever possible, wear silver or stones if you have clear, cool-toned, or silver lenses. However! Anything is acceptable if you have black specs.

Now that we’ve finished our advice, it’s time to put on a modern saree and wear those sharp glasses with confidence. Rock that incredibly cool look with confidence right now!

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