6 Best Weight Gain Exercises to Master

Gaining weight is just as tough as trying to lose weight. You may have heard a lot of stories about how some people lost weight by changing their diet and fitness routine regularly. The same thing can be done to gain weight. Although gaining weight may feel like an easier thing for some people it is not true. Because some do have certain conditions or genetics that do not make it easy to gain weight whenever they want. So we have created a list of some of the best weight gain exercises you can try at home to start the journey.

Before you begin to start doing any of these exercises, make sure to check in with your trainer or any professional. They can take a look at these weight gain exercises and advice if they are good for your health and when to start practising them.

6 best weight gain exercises you can do at home:

To start doing push-ups:

● Lie down and put your hands on the floor or a yoga mat
● Make sure your hands are slightly wider than the shoulder width and only your toes are touching the floor and not the entire feet
● Then start pushing your body upward until both your arms are fully extended
● And then lower your body until your chest is slightly away from the floor
● Then repeat the same process to start practising push-ups

If you are completely new to exercising, you can practise and repeat the process as much as you can. You don’t need to push yourself too hard in the beginning. If you are not a beginner, you can start by doing 15 reps and increasing the number as per your choice.

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To start with squats you need to:

● Stand straight and keep your feet wider than your shoulder’s width
● Then simply squat with your arms before your chest
● Beginners can squat by leaning down a bit. Intermediates and advanced levels can squat until the knees

Everyone can do at least 10 to 15 reps of squats. With practice, you can get the right form and start loving the process of squats.

Bench Press

You will need the bench press equipment for this weight gain exercise. To start with bench press, you need to:

● Lie on your back on the bench and relax
● Slowly get a hold of the weight bar and then lift it until your arms are fully extended
● Then bring the bar back to the initial point. You can continue the process by lowering the weight bar close to your chest and lifting it again

You will need to keep your arms at 90 degrees while lifting and lowering the weight bar. Unless you have experience with the equipment, take it slowly and practice as much as possible before adding this into your weight gain exercises and routine.

Bench Dips

You need a stable, strong and wide bench to start with bench dips. To do bench dips, you need to:

● Strongly grip the edge of the bench behind your back. Your palms should be placed downward
● Then stretch your legs forward. The legs should be bent at your waist
● And then start lowering your buttocks down by bending your elbows
● Then slowly push yourself up and return to the same initial position

This weight gain exercise can be hard to start for beginners so it is recommended that you train or practise with a professional.


To start doing lunges, you need to:

● Stand straight and step forward with one of your legs
● Start lowering your body while keeping the position until your thigh is aligned with the floor
● Then return to the first position and do the same thing with the other leg

Normally, you can do this at least 20 times on each side. For beginners, start with just 10 times on each side and increase the number from there.


To start with crunches, you need to:

● Lie down on your back either on a mat or on the floor. Keep both your arms under your head and bend your knees
● Start lifting your upper body and don’t forget to keep your neck relaxed
● Inhale when you are contracting your abs and exhale while lifting your body
● Next, return to the initial position and repeat the same thing as much as you can

Although crunches are one of the most common exercises, they can still cause injuries if you do it wrong. Hence as we have been mentioning from the start, make sure to have enough training and supervision if you are a beginner.

And that concludes our discussion about some of the best weight gain exercises you can try. If you have any more exercises you would like to share with us and our readers, let us know below.

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