8 Healthy Snacks For Teenagers Who Are Always Hungry


Probably, the teens’ life would be tougher both physically and mentally as they undergo several circumstances only during this stage of their life. As parents, you should never ignore them as if they are just teens instead you gotta realize the important stage of their life where they need a good boost. If only you provide the right nutrients at this age, it would offer them a healthy body for the future and your teens would concentrate enough on their goals. While you could include healthy foods in their diet, you could still wonder what would be healthy when it comes to snacks as your teens would love to snack. Fret not, here are some of the healthy snacks which could satisfy your famished teens. Note them down to surprise your teens with healthy and delicious snacks!

BOILED EGGS: Eggs could never disappoint you as they would come with multiple nutrients. Being known as the energy booster, you could serve two boiled eggs for your teens per day. This would also enhance the immunity of the body.

DRIED FRUITS: Like eggs, dried fruits could never be missed in the snacking diet of your teens. Dried fruits including date, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pecan nuts, Kishmish, or raisins could be consumed in their raw form.  To make it yummy, just add them to halwa and milkshake. Serving these to your teens would give a good boost to the brain thereby sharpening the learning, memory, and understanding skills of the students.

BANANA CHIPS: Well, you might not expecting banana chips right here in the list. But then, teens tend to munch enough of potato chips regardless of brands that would offer nothing. So, you could prepare them banana chips at home and store them in a tight container as you would provide your teens whenever they feel snacking. This could be the better healthy option when compared to potato chips.

SWEET POTATOES: Wanna offer a healthy and satisfying-tummy snack? Well, you could then grab some sweet potato which is actually tasty, healthy and it is an easy-peasy as it does not need any help.

CHICKEN POPCORN: While it is well-known that popcorn is a salty healthy snack, it could be an excellent entertaining partner. Why not make it more delectable by choosing chicken popcorn? Well, your teens could not help keeping their hands away from it.

FRUIT HUMMUS: Hummus is nothing but a yum-yum creamy dish that would be prepared using any of your favorite ingredients. Known to be a healthy snack, you could have it for days as per your wish. So, try fruit hummus as it sounds healthy.

FRIED PANEER: Paneer is one of the healthiest ingredients which could be easy to cook. It could be taken in any form as it could be a great dish for the empty, growling tummy.

CHEESE SANDWICH: If your teen is craving something cheesy, you could prepare them cheese sandwich at home which would be luscious enough. Instead of cheesy pizza or burger ordering online, you just prepare this healthy snacks of cheese sandwich which could satiate your stomach.

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