How to Achieve 9000 Steps Per Day?

• Walking – a major form of exercise with power-packed health benefits.

• Today’s counts are tomorrow’s life insurance!

Walking is universally a good and healthy exercise for all age groups. The rejuvenation it provides is for sure an amazing thing you could ever experience. The benefits of walking are already a familiar thing to all. If an individual cultivated the habit of walking every day, he or she would definitely reap the power-packed benefits without ceasing. So, walking a solid count of steps daily transforms your body drastically. If ‘how to achieve 9000 steps per day?’ is the question pestering your mind, then here are the simple ways to make it happen. You do not need to drain your maximum energy by achieving 9000 steps in one go. However, read on to know the following different ways of how to achieve 9000 steps per day.

Walk in the early hours of Sunrise:

Walking a few steps in the morning hours would completely replenish the entire body. Revamping your energy is totally possible if you wake up early and walk for a few minutes. When you have a morning walk for half an hour, it could be an initial start to achieve 9000 steps per day. Even if you are not an early morning bird, you could simply walk for at least 15 minutes inside your home just to be revitalized.

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Use stairs instead of Lifts:

Why not climbing stairs? Well, all you have to do is to ditch lifts and escalators and start using stairs. Use the stairs whenever you could as it would help in toning your body’s health and achieve the day’s target too. So, it would be wise of you to choose stairs and make the most out of them.

Walk to buy groceries:

Simple moves can bring bigger changes if you believe. In most cases, the grocery shop would be located nearby or at a walkable distance. So, why don’t you walk to purchase your groceries? Well, it could be beneficial as well. Since each step you walk once you are out of your bed, it would be counted and helpful in achieving 9000 steps ahead.

Walk and Talk:

walk and talk

If you want to attend a call or have to talk to your clients over call, just do not stick to your chair. Walk more often while you are on the call as it would be effective in reaching your daily walking achievements. This could be applicable even if you are talking to your friends and family members from home.

The Evening-tired Walk:

Most people use public transport, for which, they have to walk a few minutes to board a bus or local train or others. Even these few steps you make are countable for your 9000 steps per day goal. To people using personal vehicles, you could have a post-dinner walk after half an hour or an hour of having dinner.

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