How To Celebrate Holi When You Are Residing In South India?

The festival of colours, Holi, is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India. It is a joyous occasion that marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. It is also considered a celebration of the victory of good over evil. Though the festival is popular all over India, it is mostly celebrated in the Northern states. This festival of love and colors is also gaining popularity in the Southern belts in recent years. In many South Indian cities, people celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm and zeal. If you’re residing in South India and wondering how to celebrate Holi, here are some tips that can help you make the most of the festival.

How To Celebrate Holi?

Before you start celebrating Holi, it is essential to understand the significance of the festival. According to Hindus Holi is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil. Thus it is considered a time to forgive and forget. Holi is the day to let go of past grudges and start anew. Hence, celebrate it with more enthusiasm.

● Holi is all about colours. Thus get your hands on some organic colours. This is safe for the skin as well as the environment. You can obviously find organic colours in many places. They are typically made from flowers, vegetables, turmeric, and other natural ingredients.

● Holi is also the day to seek the Lord for blessings. Thus visit the nearby temples and attend the special Holi pujas.

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Holi At Home

Holi is a national holiday in many regions. Thus it is the right time to bond with family. You can organize an in-house party with friends and family. For a perfect Holi celebration, make sure you have three things – Skin-friendly colors, good food, music, and dance.
You can make traditional Holi treats such as gujiya (somas), mathri, thandai, and malpuas. Also, don’t forget to have some music and dance. You can even attend community gatherings and parties where you can listen to live music and watch dancing performances.

Best Places To Celebrate Holi

If you are in South India and wondering where to celebrate Holi, then here is the list. To your surprise, there are numerous venues to celebrate Holi in the Southern belt.


Hyderabad is known for its rich history, culture, and tradition. The city has a significant population of North Indians, making it an ideal destination to celebrate Holi. During Holi, the streets of Hyderabad come alive with colors and music. The city also hosts many Holi events and parties, making it an excellent destination for Holi celebrations.


The Silicon Valley of India is a city with a diverse population and cultures. Also, the large young population in the city celebrates Holi with great eagerness. Bengaluru also hosts many Holi parties and is one of the vibrant cities to witness Holi.


This is one of the underrated places for Holi. Hampi welcomes Holi with a sport of hues and colors for a couple of days. The lively atmosphere, free-flowing colors, dance, and music form a wave that often attracts many people.


Chennai is a place that respects and embraces any festival and tradition. Here, the most famous place to celebrate Holi is the Sowcarpet. In Sowcarpet, you can mingle with the Marwari and the other North Indian population and celebrate Holi. The place also provides an excellent backdrop for outdoor Holi celebrations and colorful Holi pics.


If you want to celebrate Holi and take a long weekend vacation, then plan a trip to Goa. Here Holi is known as Ukkuli. It is celebrated in the vicinity of the Konkani temple and is a part of the Konkani or Goan spring festival called the Sigmo. Likewise, Manjal Kuli is a similar celebration in Kerala.

There are many such places in the South to celebrate Holi. As more North Indians migrate to the Southern cities for jobs, many regional festivities like Holi, are becoming popular. This Holi, ensure your water balloons and water guns are ready. Fill them with colored water and spray them on each other. Most importantly meet your dear ones and celebrate the festival with yummy sweets and snacks. Wherever you stay, make sure you celebrate this Holi with colors and gratefulness.

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