Jay Shetty In India: The Author’s World Tour On Love Rules

Heard of Jay Shetty’s World Tour already? Jay Shetty’s upcoming India tour is the talk of the town at the moment. The tour called ‘Love Rules’ will guide you through live meditations, and demonstrations for 90 minutes. Furthermore, this pertains to love, health, and wellness. The tour explores discovering, retaining as well as letting go of love. Shetty also wrote a book in which he gave detailed relationship tips. This 2023 New York Times best-seller is called “8 Laws of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go”.

Sometimes life gets so stressful that you lose sight of your goals and love. Now it is high time for you to prioritize yourself. Thus we bring you more details about Jay Shetty’s ‘World Tour on Love Rules’ exclusively.

Who Is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty is a British Indian life coach, author as well as podcaster. He is a business school student who had a corporate job. He was dissatisfied with his job and was also broke. Later one day, he listened to a speech of a great monk which changed his whole life. For the next three years, he trained with the ISKCON and lived a Vedic monk lifestyle. He spent half his summer vacations working for a financial corporation. Also, the other half he lived in India as a monk.

Now, this former monk is social media’s favorite motivational speaker. He helped millions lead a life with greater purpose. His books and podcasts have helped many to achieve their goals. He also condensed his teachings in his 2020 bestselling book ‘Think Like a Monk’.

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Jay Shetty’s Global Reach

Jay Shetty

Shetty’s goal is to spread his wisdom globally. He eventually became an acclaimed life coach with his podcast ‘On Purpose’. It also became the No.1 health and wellness podcast in the world. He has millions of fans on social platforms who look up to him. He was also featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 as a game changer in media. This young icon is making his first-ever world tour that talks about love and relationship.

Love Rules – Jay Shetty’s World Tour

Jay is one of the best influencers out there to speak on love and life. Even in his recent interview with Drew Barrymore, he explained a lot about love. He also said how one should prioritize self-growth before entering a relationship. This author can definitely guide, train and lead anyone to a better life. Thus his recent world tour announcement went viral instantly.
He also expressed how excited he is about the tour. The tour will see him discussing his personal experiences and wisdom on love. Jay has also guaranteed that it will be a memorable experience for the audience. The show will have a few activities to make the 90 minutes worthwhile.

The 32-date tour kicks off in America first and then, followed by other international events in April and May. Furthermore, as a part of a world tour, he explores Berlin, Singapore, Dubai, India, Australia, and many more places.

Glimpse On The 8 Rules Of Love

Jay Shetty’s bestseller book is based on these 8 love rules.

1. Be alone and discover yourselves

2. Do not neglect your karma

3. Characterise love before you say, think, or feel it

4. Learn from your partner

5. Your purpose is your priority

6. Lose or win together

7. Don’t break yourself in a breakup

8. Expand love

Jay Shetty In India

Earlier in 2019, Jay performed a one-night show in Los Angeles and tickets sold out quickly. But “Love Rules” will be his first-ever international tour. The tickets for his world tour are available on Book My Show. ‘Book My Show’ is also the co-promoter and producer of the Indian segment of Jay’s world tour.

Jay Shetty also provides a special meet-and-greet VIP package in select cities. The ticket price starts from INR 1000 and varies according to the package.

● First, he visits Mumbai on May 2 and 3. He will be seen performing in the Tata Theatre.

● Then on May 5 he visits Hyderabad and performs at Shipkala Vedika auditorium.

● Finally, on May 6 he visits the Good Shepherd auditorium in Bangalore.

The show is already capturing the masses and gaining positive feedback. Thus grab your tickets if you wish to explore more from the master podcaster himself.

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