Amazing Things to do when you visit Kerala


‘God’s Own Country’ is truly a visual treat and eco-tourism heaven

Here are a few must-do things on your next trip to Kerala.

Treat Your Senses to the breathtaking scenic beauty of Kerala 

Do have your camera but first capture the blissful beauty with your eyes. Go on a cruise through backwater to explore Wayanad, visit the Anamudi Peak, safari at Periyar National Park and explore the lush green hills of Munnar and Thekkady.

Go Trekking, Kayaking Or Parasailing

There is a wide range of adventure activities such as kayaking, trekking and parasailing. With the ambient beauty of Kerala, you could add a dash of adventure with some of these thrilling activities.

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Try the authentic Keralite food served on a banana leaf

There’s always a difference between Keralite, Andhraite and Tamil culture, especially when it comes to food. The magic use of spices and condiments change the flavours drastically. Try an authentic Keralite lunch served on a banana leaf. Some of their popular local dishes are Kerala style fish molee, Erissery, Nadan Kozhi Varithathu, Kerala prawn curry, Idyappam, Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Pamper yourself with some ayurvedic massage

Nothing can beat Kerala’s Ayurvedic Massage. Just add an extra bit of comfort to your vacation. Treat yourself to an Ayurvedic massage which is widely offered in the vicinity. No stress relief could feel better.

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Experience the culture

Apart from taking beautiful pictures, make your that lets you also enjoy the enriching experience of their culture. Culture is the best thing that you can experience in a new place. Watch the art installations and dance performances, and catch up on folktales from the locals. This is the best way to understand Kerala’s culture.

To understand the culture better stay with a local Keralite family

The main importance of travel is to explore the new culture, share some of your own, and what better way than experiencing authentic local culture? Homestays are highly popular in Kerala: you’ll learn much more from your host family than any guidebook can ever tell you.

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Have Tea at Munnar

Sit back and have some chai at the tea estates in Munnar. This is chai like you’ve never tasted it before.

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