What to Eat and Avoid While Menstruating?

It is unimaginable how badly women will feel during their menstrual period. Every woman in the world undergoes the pain of menstruation. Meanwhile, some women may pass through the menstruation time without any struggle of such symptoms. But others may not even get out of the bed to do other chores due to the pains, cramping, headache and feeling nauseous. Some may take a pain killer to reduce the pain which is not at all advisable. How about the foods you intake that can help you to reduce the pain and cramps? It is cool, right! And Yes! foods you eat during your periods can help you to reduce the pain, cramps and help you to feel less swollen or bloating and with mood swings too. Let’s look into the foods to take during menstruation.


The higher amount of magnesium, potassium, and fiber that banana contains will help you with better bowel movement and will also provide a sanguine impact on your mood. When it comes to an irregular bowel movement or periods with diarrhea, you can take bananas which in turn helps in flushing away all the troubles away. Do you know that magnesium is also known to be a useful muscle relaxer? Yes! The magnesium content of the banana will help you in relieving cramp pain.

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You can eat healthy organic dark chocolate to treat yourself better at the time of menstruation. How exciting it is to hear that chocolate is the best period of comfort food! Meanwhile, remember to choose to eat unprocessed dark chocolate and stay away from processed sweets and candies because they will never help you at any time.


All you need to do is to pick watermelons, figs, and plums. Do you know that the natural sugar content in these foods will compensate for the losses that occur inside your body during the menstruation? And so, you can easily compensate by consuming watermelons, figs, and plums. Specifically, watermelon is good for hydration of the body and also helps in improving the mood and lowering the cramps during menstruation.


If you are suffering from fatigue during the menstruation, then broccoli is the best food for you. Most of us will never like to eat the broccoli and so you can make it into a green smoothie to consume. The presence of fibers and large amounts of Iron in broccoli, obviously help you in compensating the Iron you will be losing during the menstruation.

Other than these healthy intakes, you can also have chamomile tea which will help in reducing severe cramps, you can have egg to comfort you from periods symptoms and avoid eating hard-boiled eggs which may lead to bloating and you can consume lime, lemons, and oranges to help you to wipe out the mood swings and bloating.


It is during menstruation your body is experiencing the hormonal imbalance as well as losing the blood one side. And so, to compensate and comfort yourself, you must have foods that are rich in healthy nutrients like vitamins, water protein, and fiber. In the same manner, you must avoid some foods during menstruation.


We know that we will be craving to eat foods with sugar content yet you can get all it from eating fruits and organic dark chocolate. You must also avoid eating store-bought snacks because they will never contain any healthy nutrients and lead to bloating. It will only help you to make your health worse than before.


It is essential to avoid drinking on your menstruation time. Drinking alcohol during menstruation will increase the flow and tend to lose an extra amount of blood. The loss of blood during periods may lead to low blood pressure and will automatically make you resistless as the result of alcohol consumption. Thus, alcohol consumption will make the matter worse enough.


You must avoid the intake of spicy foods when you are going through the severe periods and while experiencing the strong fatigue, intense bleeding, and cramping. The main reason to avoid spicy food is just that it leads to more bloating and gas formation. However, if you are not experiencing the stomach upset, you can have the organic fresh chili in your food which has anti-cancer and antihypertensive properties.

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