How To Be A Supportive Partner? 8 Tips To Follow

If you are looking for ways to improve your relationship, then you have come to the right spot. Every strong relationship is founded on mutual respect and emotional support. Also, being a supportive partner is the main criterion. It involves caring, listening, helping, and encouraging your significant other. Furthermore, this will ensure that they know you’re there for them no matter what. Here, let us learn more about how to create a healthy relationship. For that, we have listed 8 qualities to be a supportive partner to your loved ones.

How to be a Supportive Partner?

Listen To Your Partner

When your partner tries to share something don’t grumble. If you get irritated or try to avoid their talk, it will eventually have a serious impact on your relationship. Thus try listening to them without complaining. This will also make them comfortable to approach you when they actually need to vent or seek help. This communication and understanding will also solve more than half a dozen problems in your life. All you need to do is to ask them how they feel or what they need.

For example, your partner could just complain about his/her bad day at work. Obviously, you cannot solve each and every problem of theirs. But you can just listen to them and give them a warm hug instead.

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Respect Their Point Of View

It is always hard to open up to someone else! Thus avoid criticism and judgment. Try to appreciate your partner’s point of view rather than imposing your thoughts. This will impart them a sense of security and comfort. It is also a crucial part of becoming a supportive partner. For example, if your partner expresses an interest in a career change, just listen to them. Then, avoid passing judgment and instead try to fully grasp their underlying desire. It is not as difficult as it sounds. If you are not a good listener, then this skill might even take time for you to master. Thus if you notice yourself interfering with your spouse, then just pause and say “I apologize. Please proceed.” This will also bring a lot of respect into the relationship.

Make Them Feel Valued

Give your full attention to your partner whenever they speak to you. First, make eye contact and turn off your phone when speaking with your partner. Also, try not to interrupt them. These may appear basic, but active listening shows that you value them. It will also make them feel validated. Moreover, refer back to what they have said or what you guys discussed. This will bring more value to the relationship. It is a simple way to express that you actually care. Also, often ask them how things are going. This will also ensure a better understanding of your partner.

Encourage and Motivate Them

Encouraging your partner often expresses your commitment. Usually, people tend to cling to their past failures. In such cases, constantly remind them of their achievements. You can also celebrate their success as an act of encouragement. This can help them recognize their own potential. Also, try to talk about their goals and help to strategize them. Especially, encourage your partner to move out of their comfort zone. All these tiny things will eventually motivate and lead your partner toward a successful life.

Be Honest

Honesty is always the basis for trust. This trust is required for a strong relationship to work and thrive. When you are constantly truthful with someone, they will eventually know they can trust you. Thus they will trust what you say. This also assures them that they can rely on your commitments and promises. Furthermore, being honest and straightforward will also keep most relationship problems at bay. This will also avoid many assumptions which might lead to doubts. Thus trust and honesty are interrelated qualities in a long-standing relationship.

Be Empathetic

Empathy is vital in developing a strong relationship with your loved one. For that, you must put yourself in the shoes of your partner. For example, if they are ranting to you about a poor day at work, do not get irritated. Instead, imagine how you would feel if you had a problem with a coworker and needed someone to speak about it. This empathy will also improve the way you talk to them. Moreover, both of you can freely communicate your feelings if you have empathy for each other.

Know When To Step In

Being a supportive partner sometimes involves knowing when to ‘step in’. Likewise, you should also know when to give space and ‘step back’. Both are vital in a relationship. For example, when your loved one is in the middle of a hectic activity, try to help them. Moreover, get things done, for them at the right time. Step in at the right time when they need comfort. Likewise, you should also know when not to help or ‘over-step’. Do not get too involved in their professional life or things that they don’t wish to share. All you should do is support their choices and listen to them.

Be Emotionally Available

We, humans, are emotional beings. Thus we always need people to comfort us and be emotionally available to us. This is also a vital trait in a supportive partner. . You should also face your anxieties and fears together in a relationship. This includes being vulnerable and sharing your actual emotions. Furthermore, this also means validating the other person’s emotions in the process. For example. phrases like “Don’t be sad” or “Try to be happy” can sometimes make them feel neglected. Thus try to avoid them and give more validation to their emotions. Stay available for your partner when they need you.

Take Actions

Sometimes your partner will need something more than listening or trust. Helping them with their task or just having physical contact with them can do more good. For example, a simple smile or back rub can take away the stress from your partner. Thus try to incorporate more physical contact like holding hands, huggings, and caressings.
Following these tips will not bring overnight miracles in your relationship. Instead, they bring minute yet meaningful changes that can lead to the betterment of your relationship.

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