7 Ways to Pamper Your Dry Skin This Season

Most people out there would be worrying about the condition of their skin being dried. The dry skin condition is nothing but in which it would be impossible to retain its moisture or it might be due to the low sebum production. Moreover, the various environmental factors could also be a reason for this condition of the skin. Whenever you look at the mirror, you might be annoyed by touching your dry skin as it would extremely dehydrated during the winters. While several factors contribute to dry skin, you still could combat and ease your dry skin naturally. All you have to do is to follow these different ways to pamper your dry skin this season.

7 Ways to pamper your dry skin:
Do not forget to exfoliate:

To exfoliate your skin, you have to scrub it at least twice a week. By doing so, it would help remove the dead skin cells and provide refreshing skin. You could either DIY the natural scrub or go for suitable products for your dry skin with good quality.

Showering Norms:

You have to follow certain shower rules which would help you maintain good skin health. You simply have to shower using warm water and make it shorter as well. When you go for hot water, it would definitely drain out the natural oils which would thus lead to dry skin automatically. Using soaps and face washes could also be beneficial as it would never take away the moisture from your skin.

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Post-shower Norms:

When you are done with your shower, you should never do this blend mistake of rubbing your hair with the towel to make it dry. Instead of rubbing, you could simply pat dry the excessive water. It would thus help keep your skin soft and supple and prevents skin irritation. So, once you are done with the bath, ensure to moisturize your skin as it would be effective in locking up the moisture present in it already. So, follow this post-shower rule to pamper your dry skin.

Pamper your lips too:

Lips would also become dry and chapping and so you have to use a lip scrub to exfoliate like your skin. You could prepare your own natural and homemade lip scrub at home and use it to nourish your lips. Your lips would also be affected by dust, dirt, pollution, and winter winds which could result in dry lips. So, never forget about your lips.

Say goodbye to anti-ageing products:

If you use any anti-aging products, then you gotta say no to them when you are taking care of your dry skin. And if you are using any products, then ensure that they have no retinoid or AHAs as one of the ingredients. These compounds would irritate the dry skin further and make it worse.

Caress your feet and hands:

When it comes to treating your dry skin, it would include your hands and feet as well. Especially during winters, you gotta protect your hands and feet from being dried. So, it is essential to moisturize your hands and feet with moisturizers that are suitable for dry skin.

Make use of sunscreen:

As dry skin is associated with aging and wrinkles, the sun could harm you much more when you do not use any natural shield. When you use a good sunscreen, it would help you look younger and glowing as it would act as a shield to protect your skin from the sun.

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