Neem Plant: Health and Beauty Benefits

The Neem plant is considered to be one of the traditional plants. It does include some effective health and beauty benefits.

The Neem plant is considered to be one of the traditional plants and is known for the strong beliefs in our country. Meanwhile, Western people have not believed in this tradition of ours. But later, they had done multiple types of research and learned about the importance of the plants and one such plant is neem. Though it has a bitter taste, the neem plant is instilled with several health benefits. It has been inhabited with healing properties, according to Ayurveda. As the plant is a medicinal one, it has antifungal, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antiviral and anti-infertility properties. Magically, neem is good for the skin and internal body systems as well. Each and every part of the plant is used in the preparation of medicines. Let’s check out the health benefits of the neem.

Glows the Skin:

The leaves of the plant could be used as a natural skin toner. All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in the neem water and caress your face with it overnight. It could diminish and clear acne, scars, pigmentation, and blackheads. Additionally, it is helpful in treating pimples, sores, warts, itching, and irritation. Meanwhile, the plant is also used to treat hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall.

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Improves the Heart’s Health:

Known to be an effective blood cleanser, the neem leaves are known for their atherosclerosis and also treat diabetes by drinking neem water. The extract of the neem leaves would help to cleanse the blood, removes the toxins and enhances blood circulation. Further, it helps in relaxing the fluctuating heartbeats and manages high blood pressure.

Treats Malaria:

The compound Gedunin present in the Neem is known for its effective treatment of malaria. It is considered that the mosquitoes exposed to the smell of neem leaves make to repress their egg-laying capacity. So, the consumption of neem leaves is an essential part of treating malaria.

Averts Cancer:

The presence of polysaccharides and limonoids in the neem trees is considered to be beneficial in averting and treating cancer. It also helps in reducing tumour cells.

Aids Arthritis:

The powerful properties of the neem plant could lower the pain and swelling in the joints. Neem oil is useful in alleviating muscle aches and joint pain through massage.

Acts as an Anti-clotting Property:

The extract of neem leaves has been incorporated with anti-clotting properties and so it helps in aiding poisons and insect bites effectively. Additionally, it is also used in treating ulcers and inflammation due to the presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties in the leaves.

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