5 Refreshing Drinks to Replace Colas and Aerated Drinks

Who else would not love gulping down the entire bottle of colas or aerated drinks and sodas? Well, literally none. All these drinks are loaded with added sugar and chemical-infused flavours which would only satiate your tummy and quench your thirst for the moment. However, it would end up resulting in diabetes, kidney issues, reproductive problems, asthma, obesity, and other health conditions. This directly means that quenching your thirst with those unhealthy sodas and aerated beverages would provide no goodness but lead to health issues that you would be regretting sure. By knowing all these demerits of gulping aerated sodas and colas, people would still pick while they are on vacation or travel or theatre or even have a fun time at home. So, here is a list of 5 refreshing drinks to replace colas and aerated drinks. Check out them!


Being a refreshing drink, coconut water could be the best counterpart for colas and sodas. The presence of active enzymes and electrolytes in this natural drink would kick start the digestion process and stimulates the metabolism of the body. Well-known immune booster, Coconut water could prevent kidney stones and detoxifies the body as well. Remember, how you would fight with your sibling whenever coconut shell has been smashed?


When it comes to fermented drinks such as chach, lassi, buttermilk, and porridge, they are great for healthy gut movement as they are rich in probiotics, and enzymes are known for a healthy gut.

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This consumes only a few minutes and you would end up sipping the naturally flavoured water which would help you stay hydrated. All you have to do is to add sliced fruits or veggies including lemons, mint, orange, apples, strawberries, and cucumbers to the container filled with water. This infusion of colourful veggies and fruits would make it a tasty and amazing drink for kids as well.


All you have to do is to choose your most-loved veggie and prepare an amazing drink to quench your thirst and satiate your tummy. You could go for mint parsley, cucumber, coriander, beets, carrots, and amla as they would make a perfectly nutritious, low-calorie shot.


According to the study, drinking red wine could increase the health of the blood vessels and lowers the risk of heart diseases. The presence of anti-ageing and anti-cancer properties would make a glass of red wine worth the cheers. So, these are the 5 refreshing drinks to replace colas and aerated drinks.

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