5 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid of Back Pain When You ‘Work From Home’


Persons working from home have a higher chance of back pain as it is due to the new normal condition of the world. When it comes to work-from-home, you have to spend hours and hours in front of the screen and you might be sitting in an unhealthy position on the chair or couch. Even if you sit in a healthy posture, you would somehow change this position and make it to your comfort which might turn out to be unhealthy though. However, here are some simple and effective ways to combat your back pain. So, let’s check them out.


You could never deny that most of your days are spent in front of the screen. Just think you are sitting in front of your laptop or computer to complete your work whereas you would also take a break by swiping or scrolling your mobile phone and it’s high time you have to realize how screens become a part of your life. So, you have to monitor your screen time to take a break from it.

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While you are slouching in front of screens for hours, you just forget to take a break or deny it deliberately which is not good. But did you know taking breaks could be extremely beneficial for your productivity? Well, it is highly healthy for your back. And if you are sitting too long in an unhealthy position, it would eventually invite trigger points around the muscles. This would thus cause back pains when you especially start moving your body after long hours. So, the greatest help you could do for yourself is to take a break to stand up and walk around every 25 minutes.


Be it working or watching a movie, you would go for two postures including slouching and arching. Slouching is just like hunching or curving your spine whereas arching is just the opposite to slouching which is bending or curving your spine backwards. Howbeit, the perfect and healthy posture is to sit straight with your back and as comfortable as you could. But then, most of you would avoid this healthy posture and continue to go with the unhealthy postures which would never do any good for you. Fortunately, several living room chairs would proffer you with comfort and maintain a good posture while you are working. So, you have to change your furniture if you are settling for a home office.


There are several things that contribute back pains other than slouching and arching. For instance, if you could carry a heavy object, you might unknowingly put pressure on your lower back by arching which is highly dangerous. Also, when you dropped something, you might hunch or curve your spine to pick it up from the ground which is not good for your back. So, when you are aware of these two bad habits, you would avoid the aching back condition. You should remember to keep your back straight whenever you are reaching for something on the floor or carrying something heavy. It would be better if you avoid the unnecessary pressure on your back as well.


You could ask your loved ones to do some back massage to feel better. Or else, you could simply sit on those living room chairs which would provide you with good posture and also offer great massages. This could ease your muscle tension and make you relax. You could also get a massage chair to maintain a healthy back.

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