6 Incredible Exercises to Sky-rocket Your Height

Most people wish to be tall as height plays a pivotal role in the personality of an individual. Obviously, everyone would love to stand tall and would be trying several ways to get there. You might have come across advertisements that are related to enhancing height. Even medicines and acupressure treatments are available for enhancing height. Alternatively, you have the best natural ways to increase your height. When it comes to natural ways, it could be practising proper exercises. It would lead to proper toning and reinforcing the muscles thereby releasing the growth hormones. As a result, it would gain height naturally. So, let’s check out the incredible exercises to sky-rocket your height.


This is a traditional height gaining exercise that is frequently suggested. When you do bar hanging, it would reduce the torso’s weight stretch the spine, and lower the pull on the vertebras. This would in turn result in increasing the height by one or two inches eventually. Since hanging keeps your arms, shoulders, and hips relaxed, gravity keeps pulling the body. You could hang the bar for 20 seconds for each set.


Hopping with a leg is one of the simplest exercises. It could be easily done anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is to hop on your left leg eight times while your hands pointing the sky. Do it for the opposite sides in the same way. This would be helpful in brain development, reinforcing of legs, and regulates the growth hormones.

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All you have to do is to stand straight with your hands being placed on your hips. Then, bend forward as much as you could. Make sure not to bend your knees and to keep your chin off your chest. Ensure to lasts for about 8 seconds for each bend.


To work on your height, you could also spot jump. So, you just have to keep your legs close and stand on your toe as if you are doing a ballet dance. And now, you could start jumping along with your hand straight up for at least 2 minutes.


Enhancing your height is not an instant thing but it would happen eventually. All you have to do is to stand with your hands being placed behind your neck. Then, start to bend your head upwards and back as far as you could. Do it for 10 t0 15 seconds for each count.


Like Bar Hanging, this one is an effective height-gaining exercise. To make it beneficial for you, you have to lie on your stomach with your hands placed behind your neck. Now, raise one of your legs. Do the same for the opposite leg as well. Remember to keep your legs straight and not bend while stretching. Hold in the position for 5 seconds as it would work on increasing your height.

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