Proven Benefits of Practicing Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Have not tried practising the cobra pose yet? Well, you are then missing essential benefits for your health. Practising Yoga could build your body and mind with much strength. Otherwise known as Bhujangasana in Sanskrit, the cobra pose is a simple yoga posture that comes with numerous benefits. It could be an effective warm-up exercise but it is worth doing every day. All you have to do is to lie on your tummy and ensure to keep the top of your feet on the ground. Keep your hands on the floor right next to your ribs. Now, try lifting your chest from the floor thereby experiencing the spinal extension. Spinal extension is nothing but the way you bend the spine backwards. Practising this amazing yoga pose regularly could provide essential benefits. So, let’s check out the proven benefits of practising cobra pose or Bhujangasana. Continue reading to experience the following proven benefits of practising cobra pose or Bhujangasana.


The cobra pose is one of the effective yoga poses which helps in reducing lower back pain. As it proffers healthy extension to your spine, they could fortify your spine eventually. This is because of the stretch given to the lower and upper back. However, if you are suffering from any back health issues, it would be recommended to consult your doctor before you start doing it.

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As yoga is one of life’s essential things, none could resist it. While there are several powerful yoga poses, the cobra pose could work more on your belly. Wondering how to shed the stubborn belly fat? Well, the simple cobra pose could help you achieve it. Bhujangasana is an effective stretch that works on your abdominal muscles thereby toning your belly.


When you are practising this snake pose or cobra pose, your gut health is guaranteed for sure. All you need to do is to make sure your body is straight. So, following this yoga pose regularly could enhance the digestive process of your body.


Bhujangasana or Cobra pose would add up the benefits when practised every day. This simple and easy pose could do the magical flow for your blood. It stimulates the healthy circulation of blood and in turn, ensures that the cells of the body receive essential nutrients and oxygen. Moreover, it would help manage the hormonal balance as well.


When you are struggling with anxiety, stress or depression, you would not be able to concentrate on any work. Practising the cobra pose would never allow you to yield to headaches and fatigue. It would support you to overcome the stress and depression you are struggling with. So, you might already be thinking of making the most out of it.

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