Reasons to Consume Black Plum or Jamun this Summer


To many, Jamun or black plum is familiar and its unbelievable health benefits. With the dawn of summer, you might be wanting the ingredients which cool down your body entirely. This dark purple fruit helps you bear the heat of the summer and could be served as an amazingly delicious summer snack. It would be a great munching for people of any age. Apart from these, jamuns with good nutritional content would offer you varieties of benefits which you should know if you are not familiar with it. When you are done with this, you might be stocking with jamuns or black plums this summer. So, let’s check out the healthy reasons for these dark purple fruits.


With good water content and minerals like phosphorous and iodine, jamuns are great for the summer snack as they would help you combat the summer heat. You could also prepare a summer drink by blending two cups of seedless jamun along with a cup of water and ice. And then, sprinkle some black salt, pepper, honey and use some mint to garnish the summer-cool drink.

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Packed with vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6, and antioxidants, the black plums could help infuse your body with good immune power which is the need for the hour as it is the pandemic atmosphere. When your body is boosted with great immune power, it would defeat the free radicals which entering your body to cause any health illness.


The presence of essential minerals such as potassium and phosphorous in these dark purple fruits could help strengthen your heart by averting the diseases related to it through hypertension.


With the help of jamun, you could curb the high blood sugar level as it has a low Glycemic index. By eating the yummy plums, you could overcome the symptoms of diabetes including low energy, and frequent thirst and urination as well. You could pick jamun honey to be the great sugar substitute.


Loaded with necessary minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, these black plums could be helpful in strengthening the bones and our teeth too. So, have a bowl full of plums regularly.


The rich source of dietary fiber could promote proper digestion in your body. When you have it, plums would work inside your body by activating the liver and spleen. It would thus keep your digestive tract work healthy and proper.


As your body might not bear the heat temperature, it might even result in the popping of pimples or acne on the outer surface of your skin. However, the astringent properties would remove and cure the pimples and blackheads and the blood purifying properties of the fruit could lighten up the skin.

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