The Most Beautiful Tourist Spots In India To Experience Europe Sooner

If you wish to have an exotic ambience, then the following tourist spots in India may serve the best for you.


This article is your guide to the best tourist spots in India that offer Europe vibe. Most Couples wish to select places that are extremely amazing as well as tranquilizing to cherish it forever in their lifetime. Meanwhile, they think that there are no places in India that amaze them as much as foreign countries. But this not at all true as there are several Indian places which land you in foreign countries with a literal atmosphere. You could still get the foreign ambience and intertwine together with the lovely passionate bond right here in India within your budget. Of course, the ultimate wish to experience Europe is constant. What if we could experience Europe breeze in India?

India’s Europe:

If you wanna fly to places to be infused with exact experiences of overseas, then you have got to land in Andaman and Nicobar. Believe it or not, Andaman and Nicobar islands proffer the sprinkles of the ambience of Europe. You would definitely wonder about the natural surroundings of the place with its crystal clear water and the bluish-green environment as it is an archipelago of India. So, Andaman and Nicobar are one of the best and perfect places to select and add in your wish-list of honeymoon places. It definitely leaves you in astonishment and so never you should never underestimate the nature-filled places of India as you have no idea about what it has been incorporated with.

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Radhanagar Beach:

Radhanagar beach

If you are planning to go for Andaman and Nicobar, Radhanagar Beach is a must-visit place which completely offers you the feel you wish to be infused with. You could now experience Europe at the cheapest budget as it is a heavenly feel itself. The beach is located on Havelock island in Andaman and Nicobar islands. And it is known to be middle number 7 in the local language. You could enjoy the view of the sunset, white sand and sapphire blue water which mesmerize you completely. However, you could enjoy adventurous water sports such as snorkeling, fishing sports, swimming, and scuba diving at this place. It is available for the tourists and couples who visit there to soak them in an adventurous experience.

Extremely relaxing with its ambience, Radhanagar beach is very much hypnotizing as well as cheap and the population there is very less. You could also explore the Havelock Island as well. The beach would be a pleasure giving place and a perfect one to spend time with your love.

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